A cinematic map that brings together first person narratives of violence experienced by women on the streets of Delhi with accounts of infamous cases that have scarred the city forever. As voices of the rich and the poor, the migrant and the marginalised, the young, the old and the transgendered layer over each other they create new composites of the multi-faceted nature of crimes against women. Delivering a visual document that reveals the systemic nature of sexual and non-sexual crimes against women and unsettles moralistic frameworks of viewing such violence. In doing so, This is Delhi, my Love aims to trigger afresh some discussions among family, friends, policy makers and the police that may lead us to new landscapes of ideas on how to make the city safer for all.

Duration 5 mins
Format HD
Language English

Ye Dilli Hai Mere Yaar
(This is Delhi, My Love)


Direction/Editing/Script Vani Subramanian
Camera Ankur Ahuja
Music Ryan Beifus
Producer International Association of Women in Radio and Television


7th IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival,
New Delhi 2011
Vibgyor, Trissur, 2010
pEtE maatu, Bangalore, 2010