The Park Hotels are a chain of chic boutique hotels from the Apeejay Surrendra Group. Created with style and managed with pizzazz, each hotel in the chain is unique and unpredictable. Hence the brochures developed for each of them reflect the same spirit with quirky wit and  an unexpected freshness.

Text Excerpts:

A quiet intermission in the golden age of the movies.

In the historic setting of Gemini Studios, a new story unfolds.
A tale of its dramatic transformation into The Park, Chennai

The lights come on, and as the camera begins to roll,
gentle colours come into focus. The action is set to begin.

Style. Attitude. Drama. Perfectly choreographed colours,
textures and moods.

 Morning. Noon. Matinee. Evening. Night.
24 x 7. Six’o’one. The show goes on.

Featuring hot Indian favourites, smouldering
Italian temptresses and other star attractions.

Very dark, very sexy, very masculine.
New spirits that set the screen on fire.

Love. Hate. Drama. Suspense. Revenge.
Themes of the bedroom scene.

70 mm splendour. Technicolour dreams.
Magical special effects. The fantasy rolls on.

Is this the end, or just the beginning
of another saga waiting to unfold?



client apeejay surrendra group
design gopika chowfla design
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