The debates on the death penalty today are marked by a cacophony of strident assertions. Going against this tide is The Death of Us - a quiet contemplation on a range of cases in which the death penalty was pronounced, ending in execution, commutation to life sentence, acquittal or even pardon. Speaking only to those who have been on death row or those very closely involved with the cases, we engage in complex conversations on crime and punishment, revenge and justice, popular rhetoric and personal experiences. Only to find ourselves confronting larger ethical and moral questions across time and space.

Duration 76 mins
Format hd
Language english, hindi, tamil, telugu
English subtitles

The Death of Us


Direction Vani Subramanian
Camera desmond roberts, rusha bose,
vani subramanian

sound pratik biswas
Editing Vani Subramanian, Kuldeep Gaur
Producer Public Service Broadcasting Trust


psbt the open frame, new delhi 2018
20th madurai international film festival, dec 2018
south asian international film festival, new york, dec 2018
6th kolkata people's film festival, jan 2019
7th chennai international documentary and short film festival, feb 2019
imagineindia, madrid, may 2019