Jury Award, Signs Film Festival, Thiruvananthapuram, 2012

It's a kedgeree out there. Concerns about rising food prices, wastage of food stocks, compromised policies on food security, scarcity and hunger keep pace with conversations on excess vs. dieting, global vs local cuisines. Amid it all, neither totally embedded not insulated, is our own kitchen. The place where our taste buds learn to flower to the familiar. Where we recognize what foods and practices are and are not ours, define what's edible/inedible, desired/untouchable. And more so, what that says about ourselves, and those whose practices are different from ours.
The film stirs up fascinating conversations about food, memory, belonging, family, community, nation, alienation, desire and disgust, politics, prejudice and power... just some of the many things that food is, and signifies, to all of us.

Duration 52 mins
Format DVCam
Language English, Hindi, Malayalam, Bhojpuri
English subtitles



Direction Vani Subramanian
Camera Basit Jamal, Rajneesh Sharma,
Surajit Sarkar

Editing Vani Subramanian, Kuldeep Gaur
Producer Public Service Broadcasting Trust


Signs, Thiruvananthapuram, 2012
Cornell Cinema, Ithaca, 2012
Illuminating Lives, New Delhi, 2012
Open Frame, New Delhi, 2012