Perfect Relations is a leading public relations and image management company in India. The company commissioned a corporate brochure that would set it apart from newer and less experienced competitors. We creativity used 'theories' of light and 'image making' supported by 'scientific diagrams' to make a memorable and interesting presentation.

Text Excerpts:

The Science Of Image Management. 

The Eclipse Effect

'Where there is no light, there is no image'. To understand the significance of the first principlce of image management, take a company and put a good light source behind it. Do you see an image being created? Now, block the light source with another object and watch your company get eclipsed into darkness.  

Why an image needs management.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word image as ‘an optical appearance produced by light or other radiation from an object refracted through a lens’. In corporate terms, the creation of an image is a complex process that starts with ensuring that an appropriate light source is positioned in such a manner that it highlights important aspects of the company and throws peripheral issues into the shadows. Then comes the task of shaping that image, of giving it dimension, of empowering it with qualities to ensure that it will stand the test of time and etch itself clearly in the public mind. It is apparent that like all scientific endeavours, such processes need to be handled with knowledge and expertise. And that’s where a company like Perfect Relations comes in.

The Projection Effect The principle of projection illustrates the numerous permutations in which aspects of a company can be organised and made to interplay with a light source to throw just the kind of image you desire. So, is your company a deer bounding through the corporate jungle? Or, is it a bird soaring high above the competition?

Perfecting relations with the public.

When Perfect Relations started in the 1990s, we clearly didn’t want to be just another firm which would be satisfied with getting press releases published. So we began by redefining the task of a public relations company. In doing so, we kept one basic fact in focus: that the corporate image is the means by which a company communicates with the world at large, projecting its competencies, and building a foundation for a relationship into the future. Consequently, we pioneered the concept of image management, and crafted it into a science. We believe that our task begins by studying the present image of the company, analysing its strengths and weaknesses, and looking for areas of potential. During this process, we never lose sight of the context in which any image we create is going to be seen. That’s why we go far beyond the first image that seems to emerge for a company. We experiment with a multitude of options, and carefully consider all potential challenges before we evolve a strong, lasting image for the company.

The Illusion Effect

Is it an urn, or two fat men looking at each other? Are the black lines thicker, or the white? The eye can easily be deceived. That’s where interpretation plays a critical role in defining the way the public perceives you. Eg. Is a company that encourages the use of cycles seen as a tight-fisted company, or an environmentally conscious one?

PR professionals or image scientists?

In image management, as in every other area of business, success depends upon having the right kind of person power. Professionals who are committed to connecting perception with reality. Scientists with the determination to clear the air of all disturbances, and facilitate distortion-free communication. Perfect Relations is a compound of professionals drawn from different backgrounds. So, what you get is a vibrant mix of youthful energy and experienced wisdom that is dynamic, proactive and completely in tune with your needs. Armed with global perspective on image management, the Perfect Relations team also prides itself on its in-depth understanding of the way the Indian government, bureaucracy, business and markets operate. So we assure you the benefit of specialised, innovative solutions to guide you through the Indian environment.

The Periscope Effect

This principle of image making has changed the word ‘impossible’ to ‘possible’. It causes a virtual bending of rays of light to bring an object into view even when it isn’t in the line of vision. The Periscope Effect can be used to foreground many positive aspects of your company.

The geography of image management. No matter where you are located, or how far you believe your area of operation is from the mainstream media and the powers-that-be, you’re close to Perfect Relations. We have serviced clients in over 23 cities across the country, clients that have required multi-lingual teams with fluency in more than 10 regional languages. We have a presence in all major cities, namely, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Pune and Gurgaon. Each of these offices is designed to work as an integral part of the entire network and draw on its resources and strengths. After all, we are the organisation that have brought the scientific temper to the business of image management.



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