La Sorogeeka is an interior design company that specialises in creating fanciful interiors experiences. The company has been positioned as ‘interior fashionists’ whose dramatic, opulent and imaginative design approach is reflected in all communication materials developed. Also see:

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La Fashionista
The art of styling space

Welcome to a world where imagination, grandeur and design come together to sizzle on the runway of life. Stunning interiors fashioned especially to dress your desires, adorn your dreams and give form to your idea of luxury. That’s the art of styling space à La Sorogeeka.

La Philosophia
Every space is filled with possibilities

Ever since La Sorogeeka was established in 1988, our ability to create unforgettable spaces has become our signature. Because we infuse every environment with unique vibrance and energy. With artistry, the touch of the finest materials, the beauty of intricate craftsmanship and     the spirit of daring. To offer every king his perfect castle, every queen her dream palace, every little angel her paradise, and every star, their own galaxy of grandeur. That’s the philosophy of life and space à La Sorogeeka.

Over two decades of creating landmark interiors

Concepts created in active collaboration with clients

A formidable reputation earned across the globe

La Fantasia

How dreams become reality

“We are never cramped by the clients’ idea of things, we are inspired by it,” says Ms Anjali Goel, Chief Executive Officer and leading spirit of the dynamic team at La Sorogeeka.

Hence, connecting with the client is an essential part of the creative process to arrive at custom designed solutions. Are the lines you seek classical or contemporary? Should the feel be opulent or ephemeral? Is it a private residence, hotel, resort or corporate space you wish to transform with the La Sorogeeka touch? Large turnkey operations take care to identify and design materials for the complete site, overall planning, furniture detail, soft furnishing and accessorisation.Clearly, no fantasy is too large or small to become reality à La Sorogeeka.

La Finezza

An eye for the finest details

At La Sorogeeka, every project, every interior, and indeed, every little item is transformed into a thing of beauty with the finest artistry and craftsmanship. Here, elaborate wood engraving, embossing and lattice work enthral the eye. There, mastercraftsmen inlay gold, silver, amethysts and rock crystal in a variety of surfaces. Elsewhere, exclusive wall finishes become the perfect backdrop to the big picture. So that all around, light learns to play new games, textures discover a new language, forms follow new lines, and magnificence takes on a new dimension. That’s finesse and attention to detail à La Sorogeeka.

La Capacita

From ideas to implementation

What does it take to give shape to the most imaginative ideas in interiors? One of Asia’s largest      and most luxurious integrated design, manufacture and training facilities, spread over a sprawling

3 acres. Offices and design centres in inspiring settings. A fully automated manufacturing unit for furniture, stone, metal and glass works, and the production of accessories. World-class equipment to season, shape and finish wood, complemented by hardware fittings and materials imported from only the world’s best. Specialised soft furnishings, fabric and lighting departments. And a stunning showroom that provides the perfect stage for display. That’s art and ability à La Sorogeeka.

La Conquista

The world of success

Business barons, royalty, stars, movie moghuls and industrials, La Sorogeeka’s client profile is as impressive as its portfolio. Consequently, from Los Angeles to London, Dubai to Paris, Delhi to Tashkent, the globe is dotted with luxury mansions and farmhouses, boutique and multi star hotels, resorts and restaurants, corporate offices and other commercial spaces with that unforgettable La Sorogeeka touch. Indeed, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the La Sorogeeka story of success is the story of conquering hearts and minds all over the globe. Now it’s your turn to be won over, à La Sorogeeka.



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