Best Indian Documentary, Bollywood and Beyond Film Festival,
Stuttgart, Germany 2008

The public debate around sex-determination in India is decades old, and yet, it is only in the last few years that everyone seems to be talking about the 'girl-child' - doctors, religious leaders, the government, the public. Yet, male-female sex ratios are more alarming now than ever before. Why are we unable to reverse the trend? Why does the 'son' keep rising in India? To address some of these questions, IT'S A BOY! (IT'S GOING TO BE A BOY) travels to Bombay, Delhi, Benares and Shillong. Going back in time to reveal how the current crisis of sex ratios had been foretold by those on the forefront of the campaigns against sex determination and pre-selection. Assessing government initiatives, looking beyond the rhetoric, and using the lens of culture to explore common beliefs about daughters and sons within the family, men and women in society.

Duration 29 mins
Format DV Cam
Language English, Hindi

It's A Boy! (It's Going To Be A Boy)


Direction Vani Subramanian
Camera Pooja Sharma, Tarun Bharatiya
Editing Manoj Jain    
Post Production Sound Asheesh Pandya
Script Vani Subramanian
Producer Public Service Broadcasting Trust


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Festival, 2009
Bollywood and Beyond, Stuttgart,
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