Hum Sab Nizamuddin is an oral history project of the area of Delhi we call Nizamuddin today. From an 800 year old settlement to colonies born with an independent new nation, from public areas like a railway station and historical sites, to private homes and spiritual sanctuaries, this is a space whose lanes and bylanes are rich with stories — of its landmarks and people, their cultures, customs, hopes, troubles, work, fun, community, growth and change. Hum Sab Nizamuddin is a neighbourhood museum and exhibition, with a series of special events, that take us on a journey of re-discovering neighbours and neighbourhoods, and finding how our own stories may share resonance with the people of Nizamuddin.



concept surajit sarkar
curation, exhibition design vani subramanian
research vani subramanian & nidhi kol
films vani subramanian
graphic design gopika chowfla
commission centre for community knowledge, ambedkar university delhi


community centre park, nizamuddin east
mcd school, nizamuddin basti