Creative Travel is among the biggest inbound travel management companies in India. The brochures developed for the  company were intended to communicate its core strengths as well as detail the offers that only the guru of destination management can offer in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Tibet.

Text Excerpts:

Discover the many paths that lead into lands of magic, magnificence and mystery.

Can words describe 3.2 million sq. kms. of  the Indian subcontinent? Can pictures capture a terrain as diverse as verdant forests, golden deserts and the majestic Himalayan range? Can stories tell you all you want to know about  the complex cultures of the Indian people, their languages and dialects, their rituals and traditions? To feel her magic, be touched by her spirituality, experience her intensity or join in her celebrations, you have to be in India.

Fairs & Festivals
Hinduism. Islam. Christianity. Buddhism. Jainism. Sikhism. Zoroastrianism. A multitude of tribal religions. And countless customary practices. India and her neighbouring countries aren’t just home to some of the most ancient religions in the world, they are sacred lands where each of these continues to be a way of life, even in the new millennium. Which only lends credence to the saying that at any point of time there’s at least one festival being celebrated here. What that means for travellers like you is that there is almost always an opportunity for you to witness the colour and the gaiety of some festivities. But if you really wish to experience these festivals, and the vibrant fairs often associated with them, it’s a good idea to time your visit to the occasion that fascinates you the most. Here are some major celebrations you could join, along with some suggested tours.

Nature & Adventure
The kingdom of Bhutan hidden in the heart  of the high Himalayas between India and Tibet, is an exotic land of snow-clad peaks and lush valleys, dense forests and clear running springs, a pristine ecology and an incredible wealth of wildlife. But for centuries, it has been a nation shrouded in mystery, with priceless historical evidence lost to fires and earthquakes. A sparsely populated country of just six hundred thousand people, this landlocked nation is the last surviving Mahayana Buddhist state in the world today. A land that offers travellers a rare opportunity to discover the richness of nature and the simplicity of life, among warm-hearted and friendly people.
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