Despite being a place for children, the Primary School remains a space whose existence is determined almost entirely by adults and their perceptions. As Primary Schools try to give a central place to a child's world view and expression in the classroom, there is a change in the perceptions of all the adults who have anything to do with it.
CLASS OF 2001 catalogues the diversity of these adult perceptions about the Government Primary School in India. Interweaving memory and experience, insight and emotion, it travels to regions where the neighbourhood Primary School has established its place in children's daily routines and uncovers how 'schooling' is in fact a window to the challenges and hopes, tensions and favourable currents that exist in and around the school.
CLASS OF 2001 takes a look at a variety of child-centred teaching experiences, even as it closely follows a few. And discovers that despite the apparent new-ness of the change, some concerns remain unchanged at the Primary School.

Duration 27 mins
Format Betacam
Language English, Hindi, Malayalam
English subtitles

Class Of 2001


Direction Surajit Sarkar, Vani Subramanian
Camera Hemant Chaturvedi
Editing Vani Subramanian
Produced by European Commission Education Promotion Office, New Delhi


Persistence Resistance, New Delhi, 2009
2nd Intl Video Festival,
Thiruvananthapuram, 2003