Rajat Kamal, National Award, Best Voice Over and Narration, 2009
Jury Special Mention Award, Film South Asia, Kathmandu 2007

Ayodhya. A site of conflict and contestation, a symbol of communal aspirations and divide. For more than two decades now, events in this small town have determined the fate of the nation. But what have they, in turn, done to life in Ayodhya?
Today the streets of the town seem to have lost touch with the feet of her residents. Blocked and barricaded, our only access to them is through memory, the telling of stories, the hearing of tales, the 'gatha' of her people.
Physically and metaphorically travelling together, the narrator and residents talk about what it has meant to grow up on streets crowded with armies of kar sevaks. To feel fervour and fear on your way to work, school or play. To live in lanes echoing with the sounds of communal propaganda. To be part of a grand political dream. To belong, to pay the price, be forgotten…
Ayodhya Gatha weaves together a tapestry of perspectives about how the politics of hate affects personal, everyday lives. How do people make peace with such a past? How do they negotiate their way through the labyrinths of hate? How do they see the future?
And how do their stories echo with ours? What does Ayodhya mean to all of us... wherever we are.

Duration 62 mins
Format DV Cam
Language Hindi, English, English Subtitles

Ayodhya Gatha - Tales from Ayodhya


Direction Vani Subramanian
Camera Yasir Abbasi, Yousuf Saeed,
Surajit Sarkar

Editing Vani Subramanian, Atul Gupta
Music Sumathi
Post Production Sound Asheesh Pandya
Script Vani Subramanian
Producer Public Service Broadcasting Trust


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