The iconic architecture of Apeejay TechnoPark was designed to seamlessly interplay interior and exterior spaces, cutting edge corporate premises and a high-tech gallery for new media art. The brochure developed for prospective buyers was inspired by both, the physicality as well as the spirit of the space.

Text Excerpts:

Space. Beyond Dimensions
Enter space. Space that isn’t defined by the walls that confine it, nor quantified by the square feet it covers. But space that has been designed as an experience of light and texture, function and facility. Where the interplay between the outdoors and the indoors is enriched by the use of technology to create a contemporary work environment that is both, inspiring and interactive. An environment that enlivens the senses and encourages productivity. Apeejay TechnoPark. Commercial space that goes far beyond your expectations.

Design. Beyond Structures
It is a design that has reshaped concepts of space management. An architectural plan that has integrated offices, a business centre, a cyber café, recreational spaces and landscaped courts into a complete professional campus. An idea that transcends rigid separations between the indoors and the outdoors, and creates new definitions of space and flexibility.
At Apeejay TechnoPark, enclosed areas are large expanses with high ceilings, washed with natural light. So, the planning of interiors is unfettered by columns and walls. As for the outdoors, they have been designed as open courts that can be used in a variety of ways. And with each building in the complex only two storeys high, the human scale of the project is enhanced by connecting pathways that recreate a streetscape. An experience that is enhanced by colours and textures that bring material and non-material qualities together to create an environment ideal for both, the body and the mind.

Infrastructure. Beyond Facilities
At Apeejay TechnoPark, infrastructural facilities are not mere add-ons to the project, they are an integral part of it. The structural glazing that gives the project its distinctive look is much more than an aesthetic element, it provides cost-efficient heat and sound resistance. The vehicular and pedestrian pathways within the complex have been integrated into the design to provide each facility with independent access. In fact at Apeejay TechnoPark, attention to detail goes even further. The parking facility is complemented by conveniences for drivers and attendants. And well-planned wet shafts offer flexibility of placement of sanitation facilities. Obviously, high tension clean power, and the latest fire fighting equipment are only some aspects of the infrastructural planning.

Technology. Beyond Efficiency
One of the key factors that determine the future of any business enterprise today, is technology. Consequently, Apeejay TechnoPark has incorporated exclusive technological features in various aspects of the project. Future-proof cabling. Fibre optics networks and systems integration for swift and efficient voice, data and image transfers. Absolute indoor and outdoor connectivity for maximum flexibility. And point to point networking to ensure corporate secrecy. All, complemented by the contemporary design of the project, and the use of hi-tech materials and finishes. Clearly, Apeejay TechnoPark is prepared for much more than the challenges of today. It is prepared for the changes of tomorrow.

Services. Beyond Business Needs
In the information age, fully equipped conference facilities, boardrooms and business lounges aren’t adequate to keep a business enterprise at the cutting edge. That’s why the Business Centre at Apeejay TechnoPark is powered by state of the art equipment that supports international trends like Hot Desks, Call & Contact Centres and Virtual Offices. In addition, a cyber café offers unmatched flexibility and takes both, work and interaction to a new dimension with a creative atmosphere and mouthwatering global cuisine. But how productive can a workspace be if it doesn’t have more avenues to recharge creative batteries? So beyond all this, Apeejay TechnoPark features a health club, recreational spaces, performance areas and a media gallery geared up for diverse activities, ranging from art exhibitions to laser shows. Together, they will transform the efficiency of the day effortlessly into the energy of the night.

Ideas. Beyond Expectations



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